The desire to travel alone to explore the chosen destinations at the own pace with an emphasis on enjoying the local food, architecture, history, and culture has made FIT the quickly growing segment of tourism industry.

And Singapore, being the fantasy world with a multi culture heritage to modern day skyscrapers;
a compelete picturesque of the two worlds around, is the favourite destination of independent travelers.


So its all about the independence and the wanderlust! Yeah, we've got your back.


With 11years of experience for Individual Traveler, CKTours offers an extensive range of services in Singapore.
With growing popularity of independent and solo travel, our professionals have adjusted the services accordingly.
From custom sight-seeing with a private tour guide, to hooking up with knowledgable local representatives, we provide a personalized travel experience based on the input you provide.


Our experienced team of multilingual FIT experts is available 24/7 for your assistance.


We help you do it your way!