Jurong Bird Park Singapore

Take a feeding frenzy tour at Singapore's Jurong Bird Park with some of the prettiest and rarest feathered friends. Being one of the most renowned bird sanctuaries - this sprawling park is Asia’s largest, with a collection of over 5,000 birds from 400 species, housed in various habitats.

You'll meet exotic and endangered species like hornbills and sun concurs, even skillfully evasive birds like the crested guinea fowl, iridescent starling and turaco.

Get a true glimpse of this lovely creatures and their life with walk-in aviaries and bird shows.


Beautiful aviaries

Cross over the suspended high flight - the world's largest walk-in flight aviary, to spot the colorful Australian lorikeets flying around like a literal free bird.

Don't miss out the Waterfall aviary which features a 100-foot (30-meter) waterfall and more than 600 hundreds of free-flying African birds. Make your move to the impressive Penguin Coast to say hello to these Antarctic residents.

Witness the Dinosaur Descendants, Wings of Asia, World of Darkness, and Pelican Cove, the other start attractions that not only excite you but also calm you down.


The flyer's shows

Fly into the world of living colours!

Witness the might eagles, hawks and falcons hunt moves during the Kings of the Skies show, or peep into the window of pelicans, flamingos and hornbills at the High Flyers Show.

Have Lunch with Parrots with the Flamingo Lake in the background.


Interesting facts about Jurong Bird Park

The Jurong bird park is the first in the world to breed the Malayan black hornbill and the twelve-wired bird of paradise (2001) in captivity. Jurong Bird Park is the only park in the Asia Pacific to have an Avian Hospital.

By its opening day, 12 countries, seven zoos and 40 private donors had contributed birds to its collection.