River Safari Singapore

Dive into the world of river dwelling animals at River Safari - first of its kind in Asia.
Opened in 2014 and located next to the Singapore Zoo, the River safari houses the world’s biggest freshwater aquarium and one of the largest collections of freshwater animals.

Being a river themed zoo and aquarium, this wildlife park has over 6,000 animals, including 40 threatened species, from 10 different ecosystems around the world, including the Mississippi and the Yangtze.

Panda World

Giant Panda Forest - for panda lovers!
Before heading to Kai Kai & Jia Jia, the pair of male and female giant pandas, stop by to visit adorable red panda also called the firefox.

Lost in Amazons

Walk through the Amazon Flooded forest to get insights of world's biggest freshwater aquarium that features manatee, arapaima, anaconda, piranha and the giant river otter, among others.

Sail on Amazon River Quest, a 10 min boat ride that lets you meet some of the inhabitant wildlife of the Amazon basin including the jaguar, giant anteater and Brazilian tapir.

Learn about the pandas and explore the Amazon Flooded Forest better with park's new behind-the scenes programmes.

Interesting facts about River Safari

River Safari is the first park in Asia to display the endangered giant river otter – the world’s largest otter.
The park is designed to recreate the sights and sounds of each river zone from exhibit design to the represented animal collection.
The Amazon Flooded Forest has the world’s largest viewing panel for a freshwater aquarium.