Singapore Zoo

Visit world's one of the best wildlife park to see animals roaming in their natural-like habitats.
Otters, giant crocodiles, lions, zebras, rhinoceros, orangutans, white tigers, pygmy hippos, and even naked mole rats— get up close with these animals and more at Singapore Zoo.

The 26-hectare wildlife park houses more than 2800 i.e., over 300 species of mammals, birds and reptiles.

A walk in the wild

Singapore Zoo segregates 11 zones which replicates diverse wildlife habitats around the world.
Move to the Australian Outback to walk amidst grey kangaroos and agile wallabies, and marvel at tree kangaroos and cassowaries.
Other zones in the park include Frozen Tundra, Wild Africa, Fragile Forest, Great Rift Valley of Ethiopia, Treetops Trail, Gibbon Island, Reptile Garden, Critters Longhouse, Tropical Crops & Orchid Garden, as well as the Primate Kingdom, which features some of the 39 species of primates.

An immersive experience with wildlife shows

Enjoy a buffet breakfast in the company of orangutans, as the free-ranging animals begin their day.
Ride on the back of elephant in the rainforest zone or feed kangaroos by hand in the Australian Outback exhibit.
Catch out mischievous California sea lion showing off grace and celerity during the Splash Safari Show.
Or learn about the dangers of deforestation through informative and entertaining Rainforest Fights Back Show.
Another highlight is the Animal Friends show that aims to teach kids about pet responsibility through dogs, cats, parrots performing tricks.

Interesting facts about Singapore Zoo

Astove - the Aldabra giant tortoise weighing almost 300kg is the oldest animal at the zoo.
Ah Mehng, the orang utan was the biggest star of the zoo, appearing in more than 30 travel films. She is celebrated by a life size bronze statue at the zoo.

Singapore Zoo was ranked No. 1 in Asia by TripAdvisor in its Travellers’ Choice Awards 2017. It was ranked fourth overall in the world.